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Insurance : PAYGO

EPI, along with our insurance carrier clients, provides employers of all sizes with the most advanced and cost effective online workers compensation insurance payment solution in the payroll services industry.

Workers’ Compensation – EPIpaysaver

EPI offers EPIpaysaver an integrated low cost workers compensation Payroll Reporting Program. Take advantage of EPI’s new service: EPIpaysaver  improves cash flow by calculating and paying your company’s workers’ compensation premium as you process your payroll. This service allows you to avoid large up front down payments and those unanticipated year-end audit adjustments due to inaccurate payroll projections.

EPIpaysaver Includes:

  • Pay-As-You-Go Billing (PAYGO)
  • Monthly Reporting

EPI offers Pay-As-You-Go Insurance Premium Payment Programs in partnership with multiple Insurance Carriers.   With each payroll run, your insurance premium is calculated based on each employee’s class code and paid directly to your insurance company.  Take advantage of this payment option which improves cash flow.  This service also allows you to avoid large upfront deposits and those unanticipated large year-end audit adjustments usually associated with other insurance payment programs.

Monthly Reporting is also available with EPI Payroll Services.  With this insurance premium payment plan, your premium is calculated each month based on your total payroll, for that month.  A check can be provided to send directly to your insurance company.  Monthly Reporting also provides the benefit of premium payments based on actual payroll as opposed to estimated amounts, which reduces year-end audit exposure.

PAYGO and Monthly Reporting Advantages

  • Improve cash flow
  • No annual premium estimations
  • W/C premiums calculated on actual payroll
  • No checks to write or monthly bills to pay
  • Minimize year-end audit adjustments


To learn more about EPIpaysaver and Workers’ Compensation payroll reporting call 877-EPI-PAY1 or email moc.enilepipreyolpme@ofni